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Harnessing the Power of Human Ingenuity

To survive in a corporation, we must get through the next three months, on plan, on budget, with no surprises. Thriving is a different story. Every day the game changes because somebody, somewhere, is inventing the next new thing. As technology managers we must make a choice: survive then die, or adapt and thrive. People are by nature clever and adaptive but our desire for order and control can shut down any human ingenuity. Is there a way to have it both ways at the same time? Steve offers a three dimensional model for surviving, collaborating, and thriving in an era when technology changes come from every direction.

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Project Conflict: Normal, Nasty, or Nice?

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"You have an absolutely unique view and approach to the dilemmas of leadership called Colorful Leadership. I will tell you that in 12 years of featuring a broad array of leaders, I have never come across anything remotely like your approach."

Linda Hatcher, Editor, Leadership Guide Magazine  

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Colorful Leaders take a disciplined look at situations from three perspectives, one at a time, and then act appropriately based on the complete picture.  It is based on the additive color process that makes every color television work.  Red, green, and blue lights combine to create white light, and a full spectrum of colors, forming a beautiful high definition image.

Steve Wille, author of Colorful Leadership, is a senior applications manager at a large insurance company with U.S. headquarters in Colorado. He has over 25 years experience in corporate information technology management. His article on Constructive Conflict has been published internationally. Steve is a PMP (Project Management Professional) and has developed multiple large information technology systems from the ground up. Steve's MBA degree is from Regis University in Denver, and his BSBA degree is from the University of Denver. 


Black and White Leadership - Interview with Steve Wille

What better way to understand Colorful Leadership than to take out the color and see in black and white. Black and white leadership is pretty good leadership. It is good enough. Excellence is overrated. Most of us want to go to work, have fund, get paid, and go home to our families. Colorful Leadership can take you further, and it requires discipline. You need to look at every situation from several perspectives before making decisions and planning a course of action.

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